Stand-up comedians riff on a couch in Warsaw, Poland.
Badr Laffar, Dave Rygielski, Gawel Feliga & guests

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ep. 9 - Jinnocide

School bullies and djinns in bathrooms. With guest Ariel aka Heights Beats

ep. 8 - Maghrib time

We're joined by Andy Sosnowski. In these stressful times, fret no more, we are here, thank god for us.

ep. 7 - Mole Rat City

A lot of animal bits. Badr and Gawel compete in asking the dumbest questions. Dave tries to yell us afloat

ep. 6 - Blame anime

yo droppin knowledge straight into the bin

ep. 5 - Zinger in

Kinda off rails halfway so it's good we recorded another

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